This game will blow your mind.

User Rating: 9.5 | Bastion X360
Bastion is one of very few games that doesn't get all the respect it deserves. This isn't just another good game its a great game one of the best i've seen if you like adventure game then this is the one for you im not joking go and get this game don't just think "well I just don't like the art." its alot more then pretty let me start with the story. The story is awesome its about "the kid" as the narrator calls you he's trying to "fix every thing" in order to do that he has to get this thing called the bastion up and running, and in order to do that he has find the shards. This game is just cool right down to the narrator, to the combat, to the art design, to even the level design is awesome. Anyway this game is damin near perfect the only problem is I want more I actually want to see some dlc for this game if any game should have it be this one.