Addictive RPG Action, Simply Done But With Great Artistic Touch and Only For 1200 Microsoft Points. A Bargain

User Rating: 9 | Bastion X360
Bastion was quite a fun and playful game, when I tried the demo upon its release. So when money freed up, I bought the points for it. At first alike to the demo it simply introduces you to the premise, your character the Kid and the environment you will journey through. It doesn't feel too pressuring and eases you into the gaming controls, soon you come across new characters and weapons and equipment to use against your enemies.

Graphically Bastion is beautiful to play, environments appear to have been drawn up from scratch and given a personal touch. So do the characters and enemies, many of whom are so very imaginative its fun to enjoy. Bastion covers many different environments from snowy peaked bridges and cliffs to burning molten rock volcanic areas, each with its own dangers, and helping hands against certain tasks and enemies.

Weapons range from massive Coal hammers to Muskets, obviously in a fantasy style these weapons are amazing to use on an enemy. The story is simple enough to understand, but in no way childlike and it can pull in both young and older gamers. There are even a few surprises along the way, that take you by surprise as you wouldn't have suspected them.

The Good:

- A fun, imaginative plot and story with interesting lovable characters.
- Weapons and equipment are deeply characterized and designed.
- Environments are very varied, from snow capped lands to molten rock ones.
- Game totals over 10 hours, through an extra added game mode and achievements to gain through extra play.

The Bad:

- You just want more, especially once you get into the story.

Bastion will cost merely 1200 Microsoft Points, or just £10 for over 10 hours of game play, a fun plot and artistic design to the game. Well worth the price, especially for action RPG fans.