This game is a perfect example of an overrated game.

User Rating: 3 | Bastion IOS
Why is it that every unique game gets so high score just because its unique? Its just like super meatboy and dear ester, crap games but unique. This game is a point and click adventure, the main goal is to kill enemies and survive to the end of each narrow location. Its repetitive, dull and hyped up by reviewers and they are the ones responsible for why i bought this game. The story is told by a story teller babbling random gibberish through out the game. I wasnt interested about the story at all. It doesnt explain much, where you are or what you are suppose to do. its just random philosophy and it makes me sick. The combat is mostly automated so all you do is to run around, block and change weapons. There really isnt much more to it. Ive played a lot of rpgs and this game has barely nothing to offer. So watch some youtube gameplay videos before buying this game and dont listen to the hype.