Well, It's Not For Everybody

User Rating: 7.5 | Baroque WII
Some people may not like the fact that the goal is to die and that when you die, you start over from the beginning and at level 1. Some people may. Some may not like that it's so blasted repetitive. Again, some people may. It's not for everyone, but I myself think it's pretty original.

For one thing, It doesn't follow your standard RPG elements. Yes, you can do level up and have to deal with status effects. For one thing, you deal with some slightly different stats: HP, VT (That's Vitality), Attack, and Defense. No Speed or Agility, no Dexterity. Speed is set but can be improved with specific weapons, brands, and parasites, or it's worsened when afflicted with a certain ailment, Lethargy. And on the subject of ailments, you have your Poison and your Paralysis, but you also have to deal with Lust, Lethargy, and Stomachache, among a few others. Lust is the funniest of them all because everything, monster, item, and character (Yes, even the one you're playing.) becomes a beautiful woman. The same woman. You can tell what's what by checking shadows and the sprite that becomes the items floats above the ground. And the reactions you get from the NPCs when "talking" to them are priceless. One says "What are you getting all hot and bothered in a place like this for?!" Your character is completely mute, but the NPCs don't seem to care. They talk to him anyway.

Now, some have complained that you don't get to keep your stuff. This is remedied by throwing them into things called Memory Orbs. An NPC on the outside will pick them up and you can get them back from him when you start over. Consequently, this is the only way to fill up the item list. And it doesn't matter if the monsters get you or if you make it all the way to your destination, if you die, you start over. That much is true. Herein I can see why people would be annoyed with this factor, seeing how I was on a roll, making it to the bottom 5 times. The sixth time through, I was hit with Poison, and the monsters got me. Aggravating. But hey, if you don't think of starting over when the monsters get you as punishment for failure, then it won't be. Indeed, when you do start over, even if the monsters got you, you learn a bit more about the main character's past. And who doesn't like a good mystery?

No one's said anything about the music that I've read, and so I will. I like the music. It's catchy. Some I don't particularly care for, but all in all, thought was put into the music for this game.

I purposely didn't touch on everything I've experienced so far because I want people to experience it for themself, rather than having someone tell them what they think and go on that. Indeed, I did some research on this game, looking at videos and reading reviews and whatnot, but hey, if you weren't slightly interested by this point in my review, you wouldn't still be reading, would you?

And another thing. Some have said it's too hard. I wouldn't say that. With no definable boss monsters and the fact that every monster you do face perishes rather quickly when you use your items in conjuction with your sword, I don't think it's particularly hard at all.

All in all, rent it first and if you think it's one you'd like, then buy it.