Some people will love it, most people will hate it.

User Rating: 4.5 | Baroque WII
The only reason i purchased this game was because i read it was an RPG and with the massive lack of RPG games for the Wii (especially in the PAL region) it looked somewhat appealing.
Well that was a big mistake on my behalf, you will not like this game unless if you like Rogue-like games and if you've never played one before then by all means please rent this or borrow it off a friend before buying it.
The game starts off in some deserted looking dump full of freaky looking "people", you pretty much get told to go to some tower and go to the bottom to atone for your sins, and that's all you'll be doing during the entire game.
It truly is hardcore, it's just killing one thing after another in some tower, making your way down the tower requires more luck rather than skill, it has an interesting and large variety of items throughout the game but it's not really exciting as you lose all your equipment when you die, and the only way to make the story progress further in the game is to die.
Another words to finish this game properly you have to die, if you get to the bottom of the tower without dying, you die anyway. this also goes for leveling up, you might level up 20 levels then bam you're on level 1 again.
The graphics aren't the greatest but i understand it's a port from an old game, the gameplay is repetitive and boring unless dungeon crawlers are your thing, the soundtrack isn't half bad but I'm here to play a game, not listen it's music. The story is definitely this games strongest point, it is interesting however I just can't handle playing this game any longer so i will regret not knowing the entire story but oh well.
All in all this game requires a lot of patience, i have tried really hard to get into it but i just can't for me it truly was boring, but this game was not made for a large audience.
If you like Rogue-likes then this game is definitely worth buying, if you are unsure then you should rent it or borrow it before purchase, if you know you don't like dungeon crawlers/Rogue-likes then stay the hell away from it.
Don't do the same mistake as i did, just because it falls into the RPG category doesn't mean you'll like it no matter how much you love RPG's