Barkley: Shut Up and Jam 2 Cheats For Genesis

  1. Play as Sir Charles in Tournament Mode

    If you win the tournament by going 8-0 and score a triple-double during the last match, a ''Continue'' message will then appear. Reply, or answer, yes to start over with Charles Barkley.

    Contributed by: Dogg 

  2. Play as Barkley's Teammates

    You can play as Barkleys teammates with the simple use of an easy code. Simply pause the game, highlight quit, then press A the appropriate amount of times. Once done, simply go back into the game and you will have your teammate there.

    Effect Effect
    Press A 3 times Blade
    Press A 10 times Bongo
    Press A 4 times Dolemite
    Press A 5 times Hamma
    Press A 6 times Jim-pak
    Press A 7 times Pauly
    Press A 8 times Shuga
    Press A 9 times Spider

    Contributed by: Skarz89 

  3. Codes

    Pause the game and then go to quit enter the following code....

    Effect Effect
    B - B - B Four Barkley Mode
    C - C - C Mirror Mode

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt