Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses Cheats For DS

  1. Level Codes

    Enter the following codes to skip to the desired level:

    Rowena, Ballet Shoes, Ballet Shoes, Ballet Shoes Skip Level 1
    Felix, Genevieve, Ashlyn, Genevieve Skip Level 2
    Rowena, Felix, Ballet Shoes, Brutus Skip Level 3
    Felix, Ballet Shoes, Twyla, Ashlyn Skip Level 4
    Ballet Shoes, Rowena, Derek, Derek Skip Level 5
    Felix, Felix, Genevieve, Ashlyn Skip Level 6
    Ballet Shoes, Ashlyn, Brutus, Twyla Skip Level 7
    Twyla, Ashlyn, Derek, Ashlyn Skip Level 8
    Genevieve, Genevieve, Derek, Ashlyn Skip Level 9

    Contributed by: ZeoKnight 

Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Easy level passwords

    Enter these in the password menu.

    Effect Effect
    cat, cat, slippers, prince Level 2 - A
    cat, old lady, bird, monkey Level 2 - B
    old lady, slippers, slippers, slippers Level 3 - A
    blonde girl, blonde girl, monkey, blonde girl Level 3 - B
    old lady, brunette girl, cat, brunette girl Level 4 - A
    monkey, prince, blonde girl, bird Level 4 - B
    old lady, bird, slippers, monkey Level 5 - A
    brunette girl, bird, blonde girl, old lady Level 5 - B
    prince, monkey, blonde, old lady Level 6 - A
    brunette girl, cat, old lady, slippers Level 6 - B
    blonde girl, brunette girl, prince, old lady Level 7 - A
    monkey, cat, blonde girl, old lady Level 7 - B
    blonde girl, blonde girl, prince, brunette girl Level 8

    Contributed by: ZhangKhaiEn 

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