The Gamespot Review is very inaccurate

User Rating: 7 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
"Fixed viewpoint" "Top Down" ??

I wish "Reviewers" would take the appropriate time to fully explore games before writing,,, when something as simple as pressing the left direction on the D-Pad is missed and it takes the game into full 3D...

This coming from the HQ supervisor in San Francisco of a C-NET owned website is very disappointing

If you need accurate reviews please feel free to contact me,,, ;-)

But just to sum things up for you guys, its a reasonable 3D Pool game, it has its flaws and is most definitely an arcade game rather than a simulation, but its good all round fun especially with another person sat next to you........... and its NOT a top down fixed view only.

Really justin.....REALLY?

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