The Camera does NOT have a fixed position.

User Rating: 8.5 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
I've read the reviews for this game and don't understand some of the negative ones. For starters the look of the game is clean and effective. I don't expect ultra graphical splendor on an xbox Live arcade game. What I got with this game graphics wise was more than I expected. The biggest negative I see when reading the reviews (and even Gamespot's official review says this) is that you can't really tell where the cue ball is going to hit because of the "fixed overhead view of the camera". Ummm guys...gals....check the D-pad next time. The games has long since been updated to have a moveable camera and people are STILL saying it's a fixed cam. The D-pad lets you move the camera around which significantly improves it's playability. I play with the camera slightly over the cue stick and behind the cue ball in a First Person perspective as though I'm actually playing pool. It works well and can be adjusted to many different angles. This is a simple and surprisingly deep pool game. Lots of control over your shots (more than many other pool games I've played over the years) and lots of modes of play. A good game for $15 and a steal for the $10 they charge for it now. Did I mention that camera can be moved?