this game is, just plain fun

User Rating: 8 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
Whoever bashes a game as fun as this should be bop she bop'ed. there is nothing wrong with this game, it is a super fun game of billards with amazing visuals and some chill lounge music.

You even have the ability to play online vs friends and foes. as well as talk with them with your headset. It keeps overall and just friends leaderboards for the competitive at heart.

I mean maybe you could drop the ratings cause it is somewhat easy, but it is an arcade game, not a $60 bigtime release. It is well worth the money, has various fun and challenging game modes, and i would recommend this game to anyone who is just looking for some casual pool fun.

I need one hundred and fifty more characters so i decided to let everyone know that.

It is sunny outside, but a little chilly. I hope to go outside and play some football or soccer today, as well as mass xbox360 playing.