Worst gamespot review I have ever read, I have only played the game about an hour and find it quite entertaining.

User Rating: 7.7 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
First off a few points on the review, I like the the game using set rules make it better for online play, secondly there is a help option if you press enter in each gameplay mode that tells you how to play said game. I do however agree with the AI to an extent they can be downright crappy one turn and the next be gods however that isn't so much a AI issue as it is a pool playing issue the same thing happens in real life all the time so it doesn't really turn me off, it just makes for a more realistic pool gaming experience.

I demo'ed the game when I first got my 360 and didn't think much of it cus I couldn't figure out the controls but now that I have played it more with the full version I got with my 1 year live subscription bundle I am really enjoying it.

I do agree the $15 price point is a bit on the hight side for this.