If you like pool, get this game.

User Rating: 8.8 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
There seems to be a strange split in reviews of this game, and I'd like to add my two bits. My only theory on this is that the bad reviews are coming from people that don't really like or play pool to begin with. I've been checking out forums, and the vast majority of people who are actually playing this game, really like it.

Those who enjoy a game of pool will definitely get value for their money with Bankshot. It has 9 modes of play, and unlike other games that try to entice people with modes that are all the same, Bankshot actually delivers really interesting twists to the game of pool.

8 Ball: You probably know what this is all about
Euro 8 Ball: Variation on the normal game
9 Ball: Sink all the balls, always hitting the lowest number ball first
Cutthroat: 3 Players each trying to sink the other players balls
14.1 Continuous: Must call shots, which earn points.
3 Ball: Sink all 3 balls in the fewest shots
Trickshot: Shows off the games physics, sink all balls in one shot.
Golf: Red and Yellow balls are obsticals, try to sink the ball under par
Timetrial: Clear the table as fast as possible

TIP. Read the help. (Start Button >> Help)
I can't stress this enough. That is where I learned about the precision aiming button (Right Trigger) which makes the game much more interesting since I can line up shots accurately, and makes it easier to put spin on the ball to make some really cool curve shots and other trick-shots.

The physics are simply amazing. Anyone who has spent any time in a pool hall will quickly appreciate the subtle details pixelstorm added to make it more realistic (like rebound angles changing based on speed of the ball, which, if you know pool, actually happens). And yet you don't have to be a shark to play this game, it can be really easy once you know the controls.

The aiming guides are useful, although they take a bit of getting used to. (The different settings are all available in options).

The AI is respectable for a $15 game. At the very least, it's good practice before going head to head on Live or on the same machine with a friend. Speaking of Live, I haven't had problems finding matches or playing against others. I have wait awhile to get a quickmatch (about 30 secs), but that's not so bad considering multiplayer is a blast.

I suppose a down side is not being able to change the rules, but I've never found that made much difference in how fun pool can be.

Graphically this game really shines. The lighting, shadows (and from screenshots and I swear I saw it in game) motion blur, make the game that much more enjoyable, not to mention all the customization.

The game does have a bit of a learning curve, but once you know the controls and are familiar with the aiming guides, this game is lots of fun.

Bottom line: For those who like pool at all, this game is fantastic. It's worth the 1200 points.