Gamespot's review was way off.It is fun and has more than just a bird's eye view.It is easy to learn and lots of fun

User Rating: 8 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
Gamespot's review is totally biased.It's amazing, when you consider there are no billiard or pool games for the XBox 360 console avaiable. So finally one game producer makes one and Gamespot bashes it, because it doesn't have A+ features.Give me a break. I have downloaded the sim and it is fun and it has TWO views and NOT just a bird's eye view for play. One is a birdside view, but there is a realistic view that a normal pool player would see in real pool.Plus you can zoom in and out on your shot as well.

Graphics are very good and audio sounds are realistic as well.The music is soft rock and doesn't hurt your ears as most sports sims music do. It cost me 800 points and not 1200 pts, but still a bit steep. But hey, it's a FULL game and it's not space invaders or hangman. This is a quality game.

I recommend this game for pool lovers and those who are average at that. It has adjustable skill levels that you can adjust to your likeing.