Bankshot Billiards is an ideal pool game that you should check out, if you can afford it.

User Rating: 7 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
It's a solid effort from PixelStorm that is a good pick up and play game. The graphics are, well just like every xbla game it does the job good ball reflections and well there solid. The sound is great it has a cool good ball sounds ( shut it ) and a nice jazzy track, although it would be cool if they had more than one song. The gameplay is also pretty good and you can do everything but jump the ball, yeah the A.I is not that great but if you play online it's very entertaining. My big hit against the game actually has no effect on me because this game came with my 360 xbl subscription but it cost's like 1,200 points which is like $15 and that's a bit much. So you should atleast download the free demo and if you dig it, than go right ahead and purchase the game.