Gamespot underrated this game!

User Rating: 6 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
This game is actually quite fun! If Uno can score an 8.2, then this game should have definately gotten an 8 by the same standards. The game's graphics are minimalist, but what is there is pretty polished (as they are in Uno). The pool balls are glossy and reflect light realistically, and roll quite nicely. The game physics are also very convincing and nearly life-like, and feels intuitive when the balls smack into each other and transfer inertia into one another, you can feel that they have weight. The sound effects are pretty good, as their are a variety of realistic "CLACK!" when pool balls go flying into each other. In addition, you can play the game entirely top-down, or instantly switch to a 3D isometeric view. The controls fit like a glove. In the options you can customize our pool table, pool cues, and balls, and needless to say the numerous types of games available (8 Ball, 9 Ball, Cutt Throat, Trick Shot, etc...). When playing on Xbox Live, games can actually get very intense.

It's a lot of fun. But I do agree with gamespot that it is way overpriced (1200 MS points... about $10 USD). It's still a pretty good buy, and the amount of fun is worth it for the admission price.