There is really not much to say.

User Rating: 6.6 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
There is really not much to say. That said, this game isn't bad at all. It allows players to play billiards without the expense of a pool table. It has good online play, many different game types. and the graphics are good enough that I won't complain about them.

Gamespot has given this game a very low score, and maybe it's deserved in light of previous games, etc. However, I think that anyone wanting to play a little pool without leaving the house or buying a table (who has that kind of money after buying a 360???), or requiring friends. All of that is built in.

This is not a great value for the XBox Live Arcade. The cost is more than I would like to have paid, and when Gamespot and others give it low scores, the company is not as likely to make back their money. It's still cheaper than buying a disc would have been.

This is a fun game, take a look at the demo and decide for yourself.