The Balls are too light and the physica are a little off...but still entertaining.

User Rating: 6 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
First, I only paid 800 points for this. I heard people were paying 1200 points at one time...that is way too much! I love Billiard video games. I was a fan of Paradise Pool. This game is just not the same league, but there is a lake of good pool games out there. This one looks OK...not great graphics but crisp enough and worth 800 points...but its how the game plays that counts.
The first thing a noticed was that the balls flew across the table, even at 25% of cue power! these are obviously not Belgian Balls! Next is a great annoyance... When it is your turn, the cue stick aim spins around the table, almost randomly to land on some ball by default. This really hits you when you are doing time trials, where every second counts, and you are trying to fight to gain control of the stick.
Next annoyance is that it is sometimes almost impossible to call the correct ball! The pockets are easy enough, but I notice that on some games, no matter what I did, I could not select the ball I wanted to shoot!
Despite the annoyances, there still is not a lot out there in this Generation to compare it with. I give it a 6.0 as it is still very playable and allows you to play a wide variety of games on the billiard table.