Should of read the reveiw !

User Rating: 2.6 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
Shooting pool is a family thing, spent alot of time in the Chicago bars with the old man as a kid, I learned from the best, Ha! Ha! So it would seem only natural to have an interest in this game and from the 360 games I already have, I could not of imagine xbox putting something like this out ! It really bites that there is only one view, Straight down, unlike in real life or other pool games I played, to where you have the option to move around the table. No consistent control of the ball, so when your hoping to hit hard you hit soft or when you want to hit soft you hit hard. English, what English, you know the kind that you can cause the ball to spin in away around another ball, bank kick shoots which looks real sweet, or back draw, and I not talking about drawing on someones back ! Then there's the rules! Who made these rules, Back in the day if I would of came up with these rules in a bar, I would get cracked up beside the head with a cue stick ! It's nce on 8-Ball you get the option to pick your balls, after the break, solid or stripes, but you can't see the table, to see the lay out of the balls, Let alone which fell in. I don't know, maybe I'm being so picky because, I've been messing with pool since I was able to grab the balls with my hands and toss them around the table, or maybe I'm right and this is a poorly made game compared to other computer pool games that I've played.