Overpriced but Worth the Experience

User Rating: 7 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
Ah pool, the thought of Bankshot Billiards brings me back to the days of yahoo pool when I used to try and pwn nubs on there while I was trying to pass those long summer nights back in junior high school. This high definition revamp of a classic series comes together with great features but at a great price...

Classic pool returns with competitive billiards in turn with gameplay physics that are almost in tune with its real life counterpart. This game offers a unique twist at virtual pool by letting you play in a 3rd or 1st person perspective, whichever you see fit, as well as various game modes that test your skill in the ultimate challenge of cornering and sinking that 8 or 9 ball by any means necessary.

For an updated version presented in high definition for the first time are beautifully done. Each ball is uniquely crafted and shines brightly in correlation with the table.

The music and delightful tunes are easily forgettable and are often found being replaced with custom soundtracks you already have on your HDD. The sounds of the balls clanking is accurate enough though.

Tathered and sensitive controls are what makes billiards so challenging. The 360 controller is put to the ultimate test as placing the reticle over the cue ball could never be aimed with such precision as it could with the finesse of the joystick.

If you love billiards then you'll love this game. However as I said at the start of this review, if you're willing to pay a hefty $15 for this title and drain a whopping 1,200 MS points, then you're in for a hearty dose of billiard action that can be enjoyed with a friend or two for months.