Poor physics completely ruins this game

User Rating: 1 | Bankshot Billiards 2 X360
Wow! That's about all I could say after playing a bit with Bankshot Billiards 2. Wow as in, "I can't believe anyone could make a game this bad." The basic tenants of physics seem not to apply to this game. You know, angle of incidence equals angle of reflection. That would be a good start when one is programming a pool game. Also amazing is how the pockets are giant sucking black holes. I have just played 4 games of 9-ball, and on 3 occasions I watched a ball sit for 2 full seconds, stopped - then it **accelerated** and went into the pocket. I have played enough pool, snooker, and true billiards to understand how a ball and cushion should interact, and this game is nowhere close. Basically, it's a steaming pile of dung of a game. The pool game I played on my PC jr (yes, you read that right) was better than this, and I'm not even remotely exaggerating. It had adjustments for friction between ball and cushion, ball and ball, and an accurate english system - and this was in 1981! Twenty-seven years later, I am playing a game that is far, far worse. It's unbelievable. It made me say, "Wow!"