One of the Best platformers on the N64!

User Rating: 9.5 | Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken N64
Rare's first 3D Platformer is a great game! BK is a "must buy N64 game"

Gameplay:Similar to Super Mario 64 BUT MUCH BETTER! You can jump,attack,shoot eggs and more! There are many collectibles in the game:Notes(Collect 100 on every level,there are 900 notes in the game)Jiggies(The main collectible(Similar to the stars from SM64)There are 100 of them)Mumbo Tokens(Collect them for new transformations)Empty Honeycombs(Collect 6 for an extra honeycomb(The health))Eggs(You can carry 100 Eggs)Honeycombs(The health)Feathers(For flying,you can carry 50 feathers)Gold Feathers(Like the invincible star from the Mario series BUT you can use it any time.)So yeah there are many collectibles,there are 9 levels in the game(Mumbo's Mountain,Treasure Trove Cove,Clanker's Cavern,Bubblegloop Swamp,Freezeezy Peak,Gobi's Valley,Mad Monster Mansion,Rusty Bucket Bay and Click Clock Wood.

Graphics:For 1998 the graphics are great! The character models are great too!

Music:Every level have a good music in this game! I love the music,there are no voice acting!

Difficulty:The hardest parts of the game are the following parts:Rusty Bucket Bay(Engine Room)Click Clock Wood(Whole Level)Final Boss

Bad Aspects:Only 2
1:Click Clock Wood:My least favorite level in the game
2:The camera:The camera can be annoying some times

Score:9,5/10 A great game! I reccomend it to everyone