Banjo-Kazooie is a fantastic game that has made it's way to the Xbox360

User Rating: 9.5 | Banjo-Kazooie X360
Banjo-Kazooie was first on the Nintendo 64 but now we get to replay it on the xbox360.
The story in Banjo-Kazooie is a simple but a great one it all starts off with a mean Witch that wants to be the most pretty person of all time but there is a girl named Tooty that her talking pot says is hotter than her.. so she goes to kidnap Tooty to rape her i mean to make her fat and ugly, and make herself slim and hot. So kinda like a fairytale story, but theirs nothing wrong with that. The Story gets a 10!

This game has some of my favorite graphics of all time there funny and real looking for 1998. But they look a little bit different on the xbox360 but nothing major so graphics get a 10!

Game play
The gameplay is there is 100 notes in each world 2 honeycombs, and 10 jiggys. The farther you get in the game the harder it gets to get all those items. There is a total of 9 worlds witch = to 18 honeycombs, 900 notes, and 100 jiggys (i spell jiggy that way) but overall cant go wrong with of of that so the game play also gets a 10!

The Bad
So now for the bad the game has a camera problem but not vary often only in really tight area's. Also The Nintendo 64 version was harder cause the notes reseted if you died or left the game. but in the xbox360 version they made it so it didn't reset the notes making the game easier than the original.

The Nintendo 64 version was one of my favorite games of all time but the Xbox360 version slightly ruined the game but the game is still a Amazing game.

(Game play)=9.0