If you say this is a Super Mario 64 clone, I agree, but if you say that is bad, I can't agree.

User Rating: 9.5 | Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken N64
The Good: Great voice-acting (although it is jibberish), great camera control, fantastic 3D worlds, nice moves to learn, colourful and somewhat cute characters.

The Bad: Camera can get a bit awkward in tight areas.

Rare are very famous for creating Donkey Kong Country games and many thought that Rare would stick to this but Rare showed everyone that they could make another character, this time not one, but two.

The game is based on Banjo-Kazooie, a bear which is Banjo and Kazooie, she is a chicken that lives in Banjo' backpack. The story revolves a bit more on Gruntilda when she kidnaps Tooty, Banjo's sister who is meant to be going on an adventure with Banjo but Banjo was busy sleeping. Tooty is taken away so that the ugly witch Gruntilda can become beautiful because she found out that she is not the fairest but Tooty is. It is a bit like Snow White if you think of it at first but it's completely different.

You control Banjo and later in the game get to control Kazooie. Banjo can roll attack on enemies, swipe with his claws, jump and then do like a jump in the air in which Kazooie comes out and flaps her wings a little and swim. Kazooie, who learns more moves, learns how to do a beak buster, run, fly, shoot eggs from her mouth and fart eggs also, etc. Banjo also can do some other things like a somersault with Kazooie and if the A button is held when Banjo jumps, you stay in the air longer.

You are also transformed into things in some of the nine worlds in the game, and you are transformed by Mumbo Jumbo, a shaman, he will transform you into a pumpkin, bee, walrus, crocodile and an ant, etc.

There is also Bottles the blind mole who will teach you various moves in each world and also in Gruntilda's lair. You collect Jiggies and music notes in each world. Jiggies are used to fill pictures whic then unlock the worlds. Music notes are used to open the sealed doors in Gruntilda's lair. There are 10 Jiggies and 100 music notes in each world, which are very hard to get but can also get addictive. You might go a whole night just trying to collect every Jiggy in each world. The camera is also very good but in tight areas the camera might lose control. You also collect Jinjo's in each level and they will help you in the last battle against Gruntilda.

The game is a very good 3D Platformer, one of the best in my opinion, and we might never see another masterpiece like this and Banjo-Tooie for some time, although Nuts & Bolts is okay but not as good as the other two. The worlds and lair are vast and huge and once you enter a world you'll think; 'Now where could all the Jiggies be'. If not for warp pots in the lair, you'll get lost.

To conclude, if you have not played this, then I suppose you get the Xbox 360 arcade version or download this because this is a must play for almost every gamer. If you say this is a Super Mario 64 clone, I agree, but to say that is bad, I can't agree.

Reviewer: spooky102
Score: 9.8/10