Banjo Returns. Bravo to Rare for not changing Banjo to satify Xbox's more mature user base

User Rating: 9 | Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts X360
Banjo Kazooie, the brilliant witty platformer from the N64 has returned on the 360, and his performance doesnt disappoint. Especially in LOG's view he thinks he's brilliant.

After years of Pizza and text box conversation Banjo *removes spoilers* ends up in a place called Showdown town, a rather confusing place inhabited by Pigs, Penguins and Rhino. Along with all the previous Banjo characters, who have graciously come out of retirement to become grease monkeys for Banjo to use to build vehicles.

To be serious, the vehicle creater is amazing, really you can almost do anything, and as long as it has wheels and engine and fuel, it'll move to some point, but to make it like a jet boat, you'll have to put more effort in than slapping some wheels onto a tray.

The Graphics are very good, but at sometimes it didnt feel smooth, a bit jolty, but nonetheless, i am being quite picky.

The sound still retains the now retro charm of its predessors, and strangely i wasnt incredibly angered when the batteries died in my controller and i rummaged around my room looking for batteries with the theme song playing loudly in the background, infact i found myself humming to it, something i am not proud of.

The missions are almost completely vehicle based. But you sometimes have to get out of your vehicle to *spoil censorship* to advance forward, it can be tedious if yuou are in a plane and jump out of the wrong time, when where you need to get is elevated and you plummet to your death, but that shouldnt happen to often because you SHOULD get better.

Overall, the game is very good. The bases are completely covered, but with every new venture in a series, there's always room for improvement. Gruntilda's rhyming speech will normally give you a giggle, and the constant making fun of kazooie is allways funny epecially when it comes from mumbo dumbo.

Pick this game up, and if you think you're to good for it, then you are missing out on a very, very amusing and rewarding experience