I actually Enjoyed this game almost as much as Guitar hero World Tour.

User Rating: 8.5 | Band Hero WII
This game was one of those that I could never justify buying, even though I am a huge fan of all the guitar , band , rhythm games on the planet but when I saw it at gamestop for only 26 bucks, I said to my wife, sure lets buy it.
What a surprise this game turned out to be, the song set-list was amazing, and the character customization intricately detailed! (Which for the record is a must in any music game.) This game's playability was amazing, not so fast as Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (Which I did not like.) and not as slow as Rockband 3 (Which I loved!) It was more right smack dab in the middle, and in my estimation that is good.
The Graphics were not over the top amazing, but they were still solid, and fun. It is basically Guitar hero World Tour with a tiny bit more sparkle and I mean sparkle literally. This game has a lot of glam, and a lot of glittering, shiny outfits, and even some outrageous costumes. You can unlock new instruments, new clothes, and in this installment they did away with the money system as well, which they used in GH:World Tour.
This game focuses on mainstream Pop music, but still has a lot of oldschool favorites in it as well. It is fully compatible with all your older GH song downloads and instruments. (all of your Rockband instruments will work as well.)
The music in this game is hot, literally. I mean this game is GH on Pop!
They said they made it for a younger audience , but in my estimation succeeded in making it for me and my wife. Anyways I hope that this information helps and that you get as much enjoyment as we did out of it!