This game is just a Good Improved spin-off of Guitar Hero

User Rating: 8 | Band Hero X360
Band Hero is a Music game for the XBOX 360. its Just like Guitar Hero but the only thing different is you can Be/Play anyone in a band (Vocals, Guitarist, Bass, Drums,)

Whats Hot:
The Gameplay: In Band Hero, you can be anyone in the band! Be a Vocalist, Drummer, Bass and Guitarist unlike the Main Guitar hero Series, this game lets you control Being a Vocalist and the Drummer of the band .

The Graphics: Band Hero has a Solid Graphics engine although its not really close to a Human Person/Life Like Graphics but it still has some Good Look and appeal.

The Games's song are fine for me, although some people prefer more rockish tune.The Songs used in Band Hero are all different in genre. Most Instrument music games prefer rock music because the rock tunes are very catchy but in Band Hero they chose rock along with other music tunes/genre such as Pop, New Wave and Jazz making it "fun for the family".

There's not really much more i can say for this game because the game style is way familiar (Since Rock Band came out earlier) and I can also just consider this a rip-off of Rock Band since they were the first to use all band instruments.

Now there's nothing i can say anymore in This Simple Review.