Band hero ds; to buy or not to buy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Band Hero DS
Is band hero ds worth buying? well in my opinion yes it is.

At last a game for the Nintendo ds that has few faults and great graphics

Band hero is a music game that lets you play bass or guitar and drums and sing along to 30 songs ( my favorite is Munich by the editors)

My top three favourite things about this game are:

1 good choice of songs ( 30 in total)
2 Good graphics
3 Nice choice of instruments ( 4 in total)

My top three bad things about this game are:

1 if you play the guitar for to long it will give you cramp
2 when you pause it and ten resume it it will freeze for about 4 seconds
3 needs more difficulty levels ( i play on medium difficulty level)

Overall i would give this game 10

Now youve read my review what are you waiting for get out there abd buy this game!!!!!!!!!!