Band Hero is a good game with a lot Potential.

User Rating: 8.5 | Band Hero X360
Band hero Consists of mostly pop and some rock.It is good in some way but bad in other. Firstly the sound track has 65 songs some originals some so not oringinls while guitar hero 5 has 85. Band Hero comes with the Guitar, (some one as guitar hero 5 )drum and a microphone, there is a new difficulty on both guitar and drums it is beginner mode which lets you strum the strum bar or plump the feet pedal in the beat of the music which is good if your a starter to band hero. You can play with 4 drums or 4 guitar at the same time, you could play in a band of 4 people all the same.

There is a lot of downloadable stuff like over 200 songs to buy from Xbox Live.

The Career is a bit short, but in all you have fun with the career. You can create your own person to play with newsing Rock Star Creator or make you own song newsing GH Studio.

I give Rock Star Creator not just for it hundred of Pants and T-Shirts a 9/10(very fun)

I give GH Studio for it's hard to learn systems a 6/10 (Very hard)

For the Graphics its a 8/10 ( clean and awesome)

About the the sound it is 9/10 (good voice acting)

The Full game is 8 and a half/10