Los creadores escuchó los fans del pop sí es perfecto

User Rating: 10 | Band Hero WII
The game itself is good compared to the previous color that is light and most inportante the best music that has been in a guitar hero if starting from taylor swift, hilarry duff, evanescence, Marron 5 ect

The graphics of the wii console game are the characters whopping music is perfect throughout the game modes are fine but I think that of me sing along if you like pretty

The istrumentos think are a little more difficult bass guitar and drummer voice what I think is the easiest jejejej game is good but start to go take care of pop artists downloadable Well extra characters I liked the game enough and the ecenarios are also more colorful than 5 and guitar hero so I do not like much was that whenever you are asked to connect the DS does not seem right but nothing is perfect jejeje

Well if you like pop music and all istrumentos you're going to enjoy if you like rock or buy jejejeeje