You;ll be pleasently suprised! Band Hero has more to love then you expect. Editors choice

User Rating: 8.5 | Band Hero PS3
The Good: Amazing graphic engine. Setlist is suprisingly good. Personalising your band is awesome. GHstudio provides awesome user generated content. Party play mode is simply genius

The Bad: The songlist really doesnt seem quite apealing to younger audiences despite some modern hits here in there. Re skinned version of guitar hero 5. some dumb censorship. music studio is allitle tough. cutscenes are kinda lame this time and some really dont make sense.

Well, i remember one day looking at the cover of this game. When i heard it was aiming at a younger audience i had doubts of it being any good (im not into what kids would usually consider "Great" music despite being 15 myself...) however i was pleasently suprised when i saw the games setlist after booting it up.

At its core, it IS GUITAR 5 reskinned with some more pop-yer music, although if your concerned that when i mean pop as in "your sons favorite popstar", then your wrong. We;re talking pop-ROCK here. No justin beiber crap or anything like that. (then again there is a maroon 5 song...egh)

Anyways, theres awesome songs here," hang me up to dry", "dirty little secret" "Just a girl" and my personal favorite of this game, "The impression that i get." and so many more...however if you had plans to by this for your young ones, think twice because really, does your kids know the rolling stones at all?

Also the inclusion of "YMCA" and "Kung fu fighting" seem a bit ridulous but whatever...

Now i know the death of the music game genre kills this abit but if you happen to still have a party rocking for some guitar hero games...then check out the awesome party play mode. Where you can drop in/drop out into a song at anytime and play endlessly until you rocked your hearts out!

Now if you have some musical talents and want to show the world how great of a "music producer" you are. Theres the deep music creator mode, or GHstudio. Basically you jam out and edit notes together to make your own digital music. While casuals will have trouble, ive seen some EPIC stuff here. (a recreation of a catalogue of blink 182 songs ALL IN ONE SONG!)

As for the graphics. Its the same as Guitar hero 5. Which is drop dead beautiful. animations are pretty rad and the special effects are a huge delight to the eye. Also guest characters like Taylor swift the ENTIRE band no doubt and...uh that guy from maroon 5... Are here and they look pretty legit to there real selfs. unfortunately, although the cutscenes do have a pretty stylish look to them, there pretty much just random stuff that doesnt really do much but say "Hey you made it here, (something unfunny happens or nothing at all happens)"

All in all if you expected band hero to be some lame ass mainstream music styled game, then you seriously need to check it out, its a ton of fun even though it;ll be familiar to GH5 players. Now excuse me, i need to go knock on some wood...