A family friendly music game wonder how this will be?

User Rating: 7 | Band Hero WII
Band hero is the first of what has become a new low for music games the family friendly genre. This doesn't even make sense as all the songs in Rock band are cencored cause they NEED to be to get a T rating but this takes it just too far


Some good songs (finally sugar, we're goin down in a music game thought it would never happen oh wait, that's Dance,dance) that is broad for most peoples tastes.

Easier than the last games, I could only play guitar for this and what I played was INCREDIBLY easy the hardest song was lifeline and I still got 90 somthing percent on expert. This isn't a pro for me as I like a bit of a challenge (Guitar hero 2 was perfect) when it comes to these games


Most of the songlist shouldn't even BE in a music games and Neversoft really went out of their way to get family friendly songs like Taylor Swift doesn't even need to be in a ROCK music game and she has 3 songs in this. And YMCA 2 really that was a terrible song then and it still is now, and spice girls aly and aj, and maroon 5 just don't belong in these games and I thought the guitar parts were a bit forced for these songs just for the sake of having them

Just like all Neversoft music games sometimes what you're playing doesn't even make sense but this can be a good thing 2 (the Rio chart was easier this time cause it's actually charted to a TENOR SAX during the solo) that was the only time that this was enjoyable

Overall worth a rent for the few good songs (Paralyzer lets dance) but not worth anywhere near $50