*POP*-That is the sound that you will hear every time you take down your enemies. This game is easy to pick up and play.

User Rating: 8.5 | Balloon Fight NES
Story : There is really no story line to this simple game. It's game with simple designs and just plan fun. There is no end. Just points. Even though you fly though the sky on your red or Blue balloon, the only thing you have to do is pop the enemies balloons, Dodge lighting bolts and feed the fish. You can decide to feed the fish enemies....Or you. LOL. Gameplay : Very easy to learn. 1 button for auto flap or use the other one to do a single flap. In order to say alive in this game is not to touch the lighting bolt, Get your 2 balloons popped by the enemies or feed your body to the fish. I call him Hungry Bob. LOL. There is no end just hours of free play base of points. Graphics : In the old days this was a pretty game at the time. With it night stars, Green grass and of course, Hungry Bobs colorful fish like colors. Balloon's come in different colors as far the enemies go. Each color describes how fast they will move. Like the Pink balloon guys will move so slow.. You think you hit Bullet time or something. But for a 1986 game it was pretty good. Sound : The game has good sounds. But no real background sound. All the sound effects are really good for 8-bit. Value : Well, I bought this game and I never looked back. It's a nice game to play on the side if you want to burn some extra time. Like waiting for a good movie to start. Plus it's easy to turn off to. Which is very handy if you want to be entertained and not sucked in to a game which makes you miss the first half of a movie. *I'm looking at you World of Warcraft. LOL*

Tilt : This game is a nice game. This game is easy to pick up and play over and over again. But it will get old in 10 to 15 minutes of game time. But this game is a game you want to return to like a good java puzzle game. The Bad and UGLY : This game does get old Quick. And in multi-player game, you can accidentally pop your friends balloon which can be really frustrating. Kinda want to shy you away from it's multi-player function. Overall, This is a good game for the NES collection.