Balloon Fight: a charming and fun NES game that's simple, and enjoyable.

User Rating: 7.5 | Balloon Fight NES
I love this game. It's the ultimate game to play when I'm bored, and got nothing else to do. It's fun playing alone, and even more fun playing with a friend.

This game has 3 modes. 1 Player, 2 Player, and Balloon Trip. 1 Player places you against others, and you must fight your way out. You have 3 lives, no continues, similar to an old arcade game. You get 2 hits, which is seen as 2 balloons. If you get hit once, you lose a balloon, hit another time, and you lose a life. However, there's some Instant Death hazards such as getting eating by a fish in the water, hit by lightning, or just falling in the water,

There's also bonus stages every 3 levels. As well as different Balloon Fighters to fight, and hazards to avoid to get a high score. That's what i like about this, the amount of variety put into the stages, and for just a simple premise.

Controls are simple, the A or B buttons let's you float in the air, and D-pad to move. The graphics are your standard early 8-bit NES graphics, I like it. This games music and sound effects is very limited, but it sounds great, all of it. Every time you hear, you'll want to hear it again.

The game is similar to another game, Joust, in the ways you battle your enemies, the option of flying. And the way the game is structured.

The 2-Player is a blast, You can either work together, compete for the high score, or just be a jerk to the other player. It's a great 2-Player experience.

And the last mode, Balloon Trip, has you collecting balloons and avoiding lightning. Unlike the Main mode, this one starts you with one life. Making it a very challenging mode.

This is one game that needs a sequel on Wii U's marketplace or something. Imagine Balloon Fight with Online Multiplayer, that would be sweet! Thankfully, you can find this all over the place, NES, Virtual Console both Wii, 3DS, and Wii U, In fact, This is the very first Wii U Virtual Console game to be released so far. Get it, it's a charming and fun NES game that's simple, and enjoyable.