Pure Fighter or Pure Mage for a new player?

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Hey all, I hope you are all as excited for the Enhanced Edition as I am. I have a question for everyone on here that I hope I can clear up before start to play when it comes out on the Ipad. Before I ask my question, I am an experienced RPG gamer and I am familier with 2nd Edition as well...just never really played BG 1 or 2 before. So my problem is this:

I have never played both games all the way through, but I hope to do that with my next character I roll. My problem is this: should I play as a pure fighter (or kit) or a pure mage (or quit)? I am familiar with how dual classing works, but I am not interested in making a kensai/mage or anything; I'm just not that interested in dual/multi classing and prefer pure classes. I have heard from alot of people that in BG2, you need to have magic or you will die and you will die...alot. However, I'm not that great when it comes to magic, but if magic is so important, especially at later levels, should my main be the mage? Are Imoen and Nalia good enough to fill the roll (good aligned, so no Edwin for my party). I guess this also applies to a Cleric as well, since the only pure on is evil as well...

Bottom line: is magic so imporant that I should play as the main magic user, or can I delegate it to the rest of my party and be a berserker or monk or kensai or anything?

I'm leaning most towards a Conjurer or Berserker/Kensai...and possibly Cleric. Thoughts?