Can't find my save files on windows 7

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I searched in programfiles(x86)/black isle/BGII but there is no folder called save or anything similar to that.

Oddly enough though, shadowkeeper is able to find my save files, and I can play my characters in the game.

So does anybody know where my save files are??

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Had the exact same problem, what's most strange is that Shadowkeeper can find the files BUT if you create your own copy of the correct save folders "save" and "msave" or "mpsave" whatever it is, they have no effect. Assuming you installed in C:/Program Files/Black Isles/ BGII - SoA, follow these steps.


GO to

C:/Users / User Name / AppData / Local / VirtualStore / Program Files / Black Isle / BGII - SoA /

At which point you will see of most importance: save, mpsave, and the baldur.ini (if you use debug mode).

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Thanks for posting this. I was looking for the exact same info.