One of my favorite RPGs... ever! OLD CLASSIC "BEST" SCHOOL!!!

User Rating: 10 | Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition PC
You can LIVE every moment of the game as real!!! One of the most beautiful games ever played in the category of RPGs!!!! Beautiful story, amazing game-play... and unbelievable atmosphere!!! In my opinion... it comes second just after the Baldur's Gate II - series. OLD GOOD CLASSIC RPG SCHOOL!!!!

The graphics are as good as the old one... except of the videos of the game, which are better. You can pick of new classes and weapons and all that using the D&D Second Edition rules!!! The music is epic! It makes you live every moment of the game!

If you decide to play the game you need a lot of (free) play time cause once you start it you can't stop it... you stuck with it!!! It's Highly addictive, old school masterpiece. Definitely it worth playing it!!!
Once again... all I have to say is that :

I wish the Enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate II as soon as possible!!!