It's no BG2 but it's nice to see Baldur's Gate back...even if it's a little lackluster in "Enhanced Edition"

User Rating: 8 | Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition PC
This game.

This is the one that made me dream about how AWESOME video games would be in the future. I'm an old school PnP D&D fan. I've been gaming PnP since I was little...about the same time I started playing Video Games. Until FallOut 1 and 2 did we start to see real depth of games though and BG was the first time it literally took something I loved (Dungeons and Dragons) and made an actual game into it that wasn't painfully simple.

Look. If you never played it and are a younger gamer let me be clear. You remember everything us old farts hated about Dragon Age 2 (the derpening)? DA2 was a clickfest, had no soul, it was simplified/dumbed down, there was no replayability. THIS (or rather BG2) is what we're comparing it to. There is no hand holding. The game can be complex. There are random factors...and it's FUN.

Sadly Overhaul didn't really "overhaul" it that much. The Black Pits is rather meh...and painfully scripted with little/no character but they did update the graphics a little (insert TuTu whine here) and there are 3 new NPCs that have nice little side quests.

I was expecting more though. I wanted more side quests for exiting NPCs (would it have hurt so much to have a small few side quests for Xzar or Quale?) Excluded are many of the spells from BG2 that added much more fun to the game as well. But at least a Half Orc now looks like a half orc.

I remember a time I hope that this would spur a whole line of BG-esque games...instead 10-13 years later we got WoW (if you like it fine...but I like RPGs amd WoW isn't an RPG) and Dragon Age 2... Yet seeing BG come back...this rekindles my hope that this may some day happen. Especially with Project Eternity.

Bottom line: Get it. Even if to support the possibilty of a proper BG3 one will be nice to see BG2 get an overhaul as well. At the very least if you've never played this, understand why many of us hold it to the gold standard...and remember that part 2 is EVEN BETTER.