Good not great

User Rating: 7.5 | Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition PC
This remix of the classic Baldur's Gate offers some improvements over the original. Some of the improvements are a dungeon for testing parties/mock combat, 3 new NPC characters that are well fleshed out, BG 2 rules, kits and classes, and support for modern graphics ( zoom, hi res and widescreen). Note the new classes and kits are not necessarily balanced for low level play. There are some PG rated NPC romances that are new. All of this would great except for multiple bugs despite patches. The bugs affect downloading as well as gameplay. Also the current iteration is not easily moddable. The developers have released several patches, but the bugs persist. As time goes on the bugs will be overcome and BGEE will become easily moddable, but that time is not now. The score is higher for the likely good potential of the future.