"You must gather your party before venturing forth."

User Rating: 7 | Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition PC
-Everything that made the original Baldur's Gate a classic is still intact.
-Improved interface and high resolution screen support is really the most worthwhile improvement over the original. It's also nice to freely zoom in and out with the scroll wheel.
-A couple extra characters and side quests. They don't add much to the experience, but at least it's something.

-I really don't understand what they were thinking with the Black Pits. It's nothing more than a series of generic and mildly difficult battles. It doesn't even really tell a story. A very unnecessary addition.
-Multiplayer support is slowly getting better but they should've had all the kinks ironed out long before now. It's pretty bad when they've boasted about improved multiplayer functionality and yet all of my friends and I had to download Hamachi and type in IP addresses just to get going. I've also seen a lot of complaints that only two players can connect to each other, but thankfully this wasn't the case for me.
-New cutscenes add very little value. They look okay, but they could have added a lot more detail over the originals or been used to propel the story forward a little more. It's also annoying that there is only one cutscene for resting and it's outside next to a campfire every time (even if you're 200 feet below the surface of the earth).

If you have some friends that are interested in replaying this classic game and the patience to get multiplayer working then it might be worth your money. Otherwise don't bother because there's basically nothing new.