BG EE is Like a Roger Waters concert: it was good 10 years ago and, with perihperical improvements, still is today.

User Rating: 9.5 | Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition PC
Like a Roger waters show, which hasnt had its core changed, though has been drastically improved over the years by a fantastic set of soundboxes and fx, Baldurs Gate EE stands proud for what it is: the same game that was produced years ago, retouched.

it represents DeD at its best and full on turn based mayhem. I look forward to devour this game today as i did when i was kid back then.

for that reason, i give it a 9.5. Not a 10 because, although I am not a graphic maniac, i do think that a game, today, has to be polarized on what it offers in terms of graphics: either they should go indie or high tech, the middle term is... unnappealing.

2 tips for newcomers:

keep you "panties" with you at alltimes ;)
outsource the kobold quest for the best line of humour in the RPG industries yet.