ugh, they didn't revamp D&D 2nd edition

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I have been playing table top Dungeons and Dragons since the late 70s, but since new versions have come out, I can't imagine trying to play the old system again.  Big disapointment, I was really looking forward to this game, back when I hoped they were updating the rules.  Now, I guess I will have to pass...

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That may be your opinion, but this is what everyone else thinks...
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I'm not a huge fan of ether system, but I always thought the 2nd edition in BGEE was a lot of fun.  It's unbalanced and complex, but thats part of what makes it fun IMO.  I've tried 3rd edition in Neverwinter nights and Neverwinter Nights 2.  It didn't appeal to me very much.  There didn't seem like there were any rules to differentiate the classes/races much anymore.  Everything was so balanced it made building a character very boring.  I've always been of the opinion that mages should end up a lot more powerful than other classes in the long run, but start out very weak.  They shouldn't be in perfect balance with fighter classes.  Nor should Clerics.  They each have a role to fill, but that doesn't always mean they will be perfectly equal in terms of combat effectiveness.

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Dungeons and Dragons video games shouldn't need to 'update' as new versions are released, I don't think Baldur's Gate released with 3rd Edition or... I shudder to even contemplate... 4th Edition... would really even be Baldur's Gate anymore. We don't think the most recent Final Fantasy game should dictate the rules for re-releases of old ones, do we? Besides, it's hard to imagine two game systems more different than TSR's brilliant and long-lived 2nd Edition and WotC's abomination called 4th Edition.

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lmfao you my friend are my hero

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1d/2d is so much better than 3d.
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Sweet Jebus WHY???