a fine representation of D&D adventures in forgotten realms of Baldur's Gate

User Rating: 7.5 | Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (PCCW The Best) PS2

Dark Alliance gives you control of one of the three characters, a human, a sorcerer, a dwarf. Essentially, human is all around balanced character with bow and arrows his better choice where sorcerer is powerful with magic spells while dwarf is strong with melee weapons. Fun doubles sensibly if you get opportunity to play this game with a friend or significant other what i really suggest to do. After you complete standard game you come offered possibility to play a new game with loading your previous reached level (supposed to be high) and your equipment assortment. Excellent! this makes second play a walk you can bet, enemies fall around you just touched, and you can complete game fast while growing up slighty your already powerful character, this is a bad thing, challenge is unexisting the second time with loaded character in a harder difficulty level. Completing game with each character is just satisfying because you don't want to load just one of three but everyone, unless to say story is slighty different in dialogs for each character you mess with. Outstanding it is therefore to start a new game with two characters at level 18 and enterprise your (easy) mission, you want level up more to unlock special mana powers to be witness of graphic details when you cast such magics, this is above all worthy for sorcerer, makes no sense level up the other characters
Graphics is sure great for a diablo game like this, great light source effects, water seems there surrounding your character when inside, sound is solid with typical hack n slash effects and good voice overs. I recommend this game to every D&D lover