This is what games should be like. construction of the game is very cool and makes you feel like you are in the game.

User Rating: 10 | Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance XBOX
I played many games like UO and UO could be as nice as this game.
I played PS3 Xbox 360 too. Why don't they have games like this all time favorite. It plays very much like Diablo or perhaps as good. This game was very fun and my wife and I love it. You can save your char. and play it from single player to 2 player. Very fun game..Great graphics, flowing game play and controll is smooth. the combat is flawless . I wish ps3 would create fun like this. Water element is nice to see and feel . these kind of games are the perfect example of what game designers should study more closely. I have played many games and my wife and I got to like this game very much. I tell you this should have many more made than just 2. I hope PS3 comes out with the same game same control ,feel ,combat feel, with a little touch of downloads so the game can last as long as UO has lasted . Beautiful graphics and flawless game play. Thank you amen.