A surprisingly great hack'n'slash title, but its short.

User Rating: 9 | Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance GBA
well it had been a rather long time since i have had a hack'n'slash title, and eventhough my first impressions after playing for 10 minutes were not good regarding this game, after giving it another try i figured out what a mess i was about to make for selecting not to play this game. bgda is worthy your playtime.

graphics = in terms of the graphical aspect this game does not diasspoint, the backgrounds are great, the dungeons are amazing, most amazing thing regarding the graphics is that you can see the changes in details of the equipment which you have equipped, well almost since some of the swords does not really show the change on their display. the only lacking thing in graphics is the town, as most of the towns (well few towns are there for that matter) look short, and their layout is rather confusing. but even those towns are detailed fairly, and certainly your character and the enemy are nicely visualised too. there is another minor concern in the overall graphics is that the fact that eventhough the game provides you with the option of choosing from one of the three available classes, the images of these characters in terms of their class have no difference other then the change of colors in their current equipment (which too is similar). it is nice to see that the game boy advance can go fairly fine in the graphics as i think the graphics in this game are easily one of the best seen in game boy advance games overall.

sounds = there is a horror music which is played whenever there is an upcoming boss or harder enemy battle, other then that there is no music in the game. but the sound effects are nice in terms of the action done in this game. your character does have the 'action' grunts and the 'weapon hit' effects are good as well, although they seem to be rather quite repetitive alongwith the repetitive sound of the enemy which is produced when an enemy gets hit. the enemies too have their own individual 'death shouts'.
i prefer no music in action games and even in most other genres so i was fine here as there is little to no background music here, but sound effects are good which matters the most in most games.

gameplay = satisfying in lot of ways. though i have never tried in other class except the warrior, it was nice to see that the warrior can use a bit of archery as well, but ofcourse i was using long swords then short bows. the game provides you with the option to choose from three classes, warrior, archer and wizard. though every character can use a bit of magic, the skillset is what differs the class thoroughly, the warrior has the ability to do more critical hits and carry more things and so on and other classes have their own advantages respectably. this game has a lot of depth in terms of character customization and overall there is never any feel of any kind of lack in this department. eventhough its rather the usual talk and go to the dungeon to kill thing here, it does not feel generic or mediocore by any means. there are fewer npcs whom helps you albeit only to give you direction or help you advance in the game. there are plently of enemies to fight with and plenty of weapons and armors to collect, but that thing becomes non-important if you train enough to gain levels as well as money which would enable you to buy better weapon and armor and finally making the weapons and armours which the enemy would drop rather useless. but the game has a lot of fun factor especially when you kill bigger enemies. although the game feels overall easiness, it starts out being rather hard. one good thing about this game is that you almost will never get bored out of it. there are a few sidequests but personally i do not care about side-quests (especially after doing a side-quest last night on the game called chrono cross where i got a lame item for feeding dragons for 100 times and that was hard but the prize was worthless). there is one major concern in terms of gameplay, now i do not know whether is that due to hardware limitations or other issue, but there will be places where the enemies will stop following you and stand in a certain distance or should i say they will be fighting you albeit through a limited area only, now this can be used for the better of the player in terms of gaining levels, this does seem to be a bug or fault but still does not mess around bigtime here. infact its helpful overall but i think those players who play for challenge will not be happy with this issue here. but the only issue for me here is that this game is short as there are only three acts (or chapters if you prefer that way), and only chapter one feels longer.

personally i was out of hack'n'slash title for a long time and thus i imagine that i might have given more than what this game should have gotten but then again i also assume that most people would review a game since they like the game a lot (i meant to say when someone posts a review for prasing the game that is). and sorry for my lack of English. i recommend this game to anyone who likes to play rpgs/action games.