Not the best rpg around.....but if you have a friend that wants to go through it all with you go for it!

User Rating: 8.5 | Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (PCCW The Best) PS2
Not saying at all this game is bad if you play 1 player but its not really that fun unless you play it with a friend and do 2 player co op. There arent too much characters you can pick from lol only 3 but they do have their good and bad so your choice will matter a lot in the game when you start out early with the special skill of your character such as magic, range, power etc.

The enemies you fight in the game are great and their is nothing wrong with them at all however some of them are really lame and should have not even been put in the game such as rats that walk and use weapons to kill you. Beat in in one player or 2 player you will have a long time of replay on your hands if you want to unlock the secret character drizzit and beat the hardest dificulty ever extreme that requires you to use a character that is already on high level to start playing.

For some reason the makers of the game had 2 hand weapons and single hand weapons that you could hold shields with....but no holding 2 weapons at the same time! i guess they just wanted to hold that back for the 2nd game but with all the 1st game has to start with and has to offer you i guess that is not something to really complain about.

Overall dark alliance is a great rpg that should be played until beat at least once or just played with a friend.