An enjoyable RPG.

User Rating: 8 | Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance XBOX
This was one of the first games I bought for my Xbox back in 2003,and it was an enjoyable action RPG.

Like in most other RPGs,the game makes you travel through environments and you'll encounter enemies(BGDA is a Western style RPG,so there's no random enemies),and you can choose to engage enemies in battle or run past them and the battles are in real time(I guess you could say the combat has a bit of a hack n slash feel to it).Other gameplay elements include solving puzzles,doing quests(which might involve killing a boss or searching for quest items).

Your character gains experience points and when your character levels up,you can choose which stats you want to level up.You can also customize your character's clothing/armor(which has an affect on their defensive stats,as well as allows you to play dress up,because some of the armor designs have the same stats as different armor designs,but they come in different shapes and colors or have different patterns on them).You can use melee weapons,ranged weapons(such as a bow)or magic,and how effective your character is with their weapon/magic abilities depends on their class(I think you can to choose from 3 different character classes)and it also depends on how your distribute points to the different stats of your character when you level up.

There's many weapons to choose from,but the logical thing to do is to equip the most powerful weapon you have.There's also a block button,which makes you block with your shield.Your health always constantly regenerates(but very slowly),so if you're running low on health potions,you can keep blocking with you shield and let your health slowly increase.The game rewards patience more than good strategy,because sometimes it's near impossible to hit certain enemies with an attack,without them hitting you with an attack too,so often you will find yourself blocking with your shield until your health regenerates some more,or using a lot of health potions.

When you play the game,you will travel through towns,dungeons,desert canyons,forest,snowy and swamp locations.I can't remember much about what types of enemies you will encounter,but I do remember there was centaurs,giant spiders,knights,and reptilian creatures(in the swampy areas).

I think some of the bosses could have used more creativity in design,for example,one of the bosses is a giant one eyed creature,and other bosses were just stronger versions of regular enemies.I would have liked to have fought a dragon or a giant ogre or something like that.

Also,some of the dungeons have traps that can instantly kill you or do a lot of damage to your health(such as an object that shoots at you and you have to move past it when the front of it is facing the other way),and platforms that fall when you jump on them.

Because enemies don't respawn,you can't level grind,so you'll need to find as many enemies wondering around as you can to kill and to gain experience points from,but you don't need to be highly levelled to beat the bosses(as long as you bring a lot of healing potions or you can keep blocking the boss's attacks with your shield and wait for your health to regenerate).

Even though you can travel through towns,you can't enter many of the buildings and you can't interact with many of the NPCs.

But still,the gameplay was very enjoyable.

The graphics look clean,sharp,detailed for their time.The wooden floors have realistic patterns on them,and the towns look good and the dungeon looks dark and wet and and desert canyons use 3D effects quite good.The swampy environment gives a good murky atmosphere.

The story isn't great,I didn't feel attached to any of the characters or to the story,but this game is more about the gameplay than it's story.

The voice acting doesn't have much expression,but the music for the game is lovely and suits the medieval world.

The game took me only 11 hours to beat,which is very short for an RPG,but it's a fun game and well presented.