Great dungeon crawler that any fan of dungeon crawlers games will enjoy.

User Rating: 8 | Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (PCCW The Best) PS2
When I first got Balder's Gate: Dark Alliance I was excited. This had been the first dungeon crawler that I had played. Let me tell you that it was a great game. It had good graphics and cool looking environments. It had wicked looking creatures to fight and tons of cool weapons. You start out in a tavern after you are robbed. You set out on a quest to find the one in charge of this group of this group of thieves. You go through a bunch of different environments ranging from sewers to mountains. There are a ton of enemies to kill through out the game, and there are some really cool boss fights. One thing about this game is that it does not seem to be a long game. It seems like it only takes a few hours to go through. If you like dungeon crawlers than you should give Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance a try.