Amazing and inovative gameplay; beatiful graphics. Masterpiece!

User Rating: 10 | BADLAND IOS
Finally I had a chance to play Badland... And it's definitely worth it's price and the wait. The great thing about this game is it's innovative game play. During it your character may grow, shrink, become faster and, when you save your "clones", multiply - yeah, sometimes it's possible to control more than one character at a time, wich is a nice addition to Badland.

Also, this game has both amazing graphics and beautiful sounds, which help to create an unique (and pretty dark) atmosphere. And with tons of levels, the game manage to became something both challenging and funny.

Unfortunately this masterpiece is only available for Apple devices, but I hope they create an Android and a PC version of it! Then it'll be more than perfection.

But for now, as it's free on the Apple App Store, this game is a "must-have" app on any iDevice. (And pay $3,99 for such a great and well-done game isn't that bad).