An amazing game, living up to its predecessor, Angry Birds.

User Rating: 10 | Bad Piggies PC
Brilliant, and with Rovio promising more updates to come, it will get even more better, with sandbox modes,plenty of missions, challenges and more, this is sure to be one of my favorite games. As it has been expected by Angry Bird fans for a while, none of you who haven't experienced this inspiring game will not be disappointed. A very good feature i have noticed is that this game is not that easy, or too hard. Whether you want to collect skull, make a ridiculous flying contraption, try to make an extremely fast car (i know i have), or just want to complete all the challenges, then mess around with sandbox, this game is for you. You can quick-play, or if you want to spend a couple of hours in an intense, must-complete-it-100%then why not give it a try, as considering its free, well done Rovio !