Green is not a creative colour #Real Score- 7.9/10#

User Rating: 7.5 | Bad Piggies AND
Who said that pigs could fly? Well in a matter of fact they can't, but with the Angry Birds series still being a huge success for both phones and consoles. You do wonder if the Green Pigs would have their own game or spin-off title, which is actually called Bad Piggies. Those Green pigs are still trying to get their revenge on those birds and stealing their eggs. Nothing goes according to plan for the Green Pigs this is where you come in and start building inventions and transportations to earn at least 1-3 stars per level and a piece of paper which contains the next plans/idea for the next level.

For each of the levels you play through which have up to 87 levels in total and 18 additional levels which can be unlocked if you gain 3 stars on every level. Through each level you'll get a number of materials which be used and make an invention or vehicles out of those things like a set of wheels, a few blocks of wood and an air pump which can help your vehicles to move. But half of the levels will be downhill levels where you can just tap the screen to start to move. Later levels you'll get more materials like an electric fan or a pair of balloons or a few bottles of fizzy pop.

The more you get creative on making contraptions the more addictive Bad Piggies can get. The graphics have not changed much if you've been playing the Angry Birds series, but does a great job on keeping the game fresh with tons of explosions, humour, crashes and booms. There's even more stuff you can unlock including sandbox where you can stretch your creativity and they'll be more updates in the future with even more levels.

Free to download on Android but it should cost no more than 99p if you own an I-phone but however do be aware that Bad Piggies can drain your phone battery if you play it for too long but it's quite an enjoyable game for anyone to play.